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Mandy Jane Lynch

Your Therapy Godmother - Counsellor / Coach / Hypnotherapist




Client Feedback and Reviews

Mandy is a very kind person that listens to the issues I am facing and gives me insight on what might be causing said issues, she then gives me helpful material on the topic and allows me to try and see what helps.  We then discuss what worked and/or didn't work and carry on from there.

Mandy has been amazing.  I've found our sessions extremely helpful and I've learned many great coping mechanisms and I've learned more about myself.  I would highly recommend Mandy Jane Lynch.  In our sessions I feel heard, respected, and supported. I look forward to my sessions with Mandy, week after week. 10/10

Overall since my sessions with you I can tell you that there has been considerable improvements.  As you are aware my initial problem was with my anxiety that at times would escalate into panic attacks.  I am pleased to say my panic attacks have calmed down in that I haven't had any major episodes in the passed 4 months.  Hopefully I am confident that this will continue and even if I do have the odd bad day I know that I can count on your professional support to guide me back on the straight and narrow path.

I find my conversations with Mandy have become vital, and often enjoyable part of my week.  I feel very comfortable with her and trust that she has the best intentions in helping me progress with my life.  I am very grateful for her and feel I am a better version of myself since meeting her.  I can only sing her praises.

Mandy has been super helpful so far through my journey, would highly recommend her to anyone.

The best! Simplest way to put this thank you for your compassion and care throughout the process of therapy.

Very understanding, approachable, and empathetic therapist.  would highly commend.

I feel better now after the session and have been able to use the mindspace I felt during hypnosis onto other negative energies not involving death.  I feel this has really helped more then just that aspect of my life and I really appreciate that.